Cruddy comparison

Don't expect even basic functionality from this disappointing program.

DSH Directory and File comparator promises to let users view and synchronize directories on their computer. Unfortunately, the program's poor design makes it more of a hindrance than a help.

The first thing we noticed about the program was its annoying sound effects, which are completely unnecessary in a program of this type. Fortunately, they were easy to turn off in the settings, but that was perhaps the only thing that was easy to do. Like similar programs we've seen, the program lets users view the contents of two directories side by side, which makes it easy to compare their contents and move files between directories as needed. Or so we thought. The application did a good enough job of comparing the directories, showing files that were present in both directories in black and nonmatching files in red. However, moving files between directories wasn't so simple. We tried again and again to move one simple MP3 file from one folder to another, and the program just wouldn't do it. The directory scrolled as if it was doing something, but when we looked at the results, nothing had changed. The fact that the creators of the program couldn't master this simple task didn't stop from them including strange extra features; users can, for example, create posters from DVD covers. Or so the program says; we couldn't get that utterly bizarre inclusion to work either. The program's Help file is quite brief and not very helpful. Overall, we were quite unimpressed with DSH Director and File comparator, and we don't recommend it.

DSH Director and File comparator is free. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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