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Have all your video memories converted and optimized for Mac OS X and iOS devices with this easy-to-use video converter application that every level of users will enjoy.

Flv Crunch is one of many free tools available for converting various video and audio files to multiple formats. The application has a pretty standard user interface, giving you access to the basic conversion operations without any customization options, but you won't really miss them, as Flv Crunch does a very good job in a short time frame.

If you are a novice user, you may want to access the built-in Help file, but intermediate and advanced level users will intuitively know where to click and what action to take in order to improve the video conversion. What we liked is the application's ability to convert a long list of file types such as MPEG and Windows Media Player files, and convert them into the most common ones used on the Mac OS X platform.

The video conversion process is as easily said as done. Here FLV Crunch comes with very useful presets to allow you to work more easily, allowing you to quickly convert videos to iPod- and iPhone compatible formats or just standard VGA. However, there are little tricks you may want to learn in order to get the best conversion. For example, if the video you want to convert is in high quality, you'll need to check the high-quality option in order to keep the same quality after the file is converted. Once you remember these details, we think you'll like this simple app as much as we did.

Overall, FLV Crunch's performance was great; we couldn't find any issues during our testing, and its easy-to-understand interface make the video memories conversion process seamless and fun. Highly recommended for all levels of users.

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