Personal travel organization

TripIt provides a single service to coordinate all your travel needs on multiple devices.

TripIt is a personal travel organizer aimed at casual and business users. If you forward your electronic travel confirmations (from an airline, car company, hotel, and so on) to it, TripIt will intelligently collate them all into one place, parse the information, and add related information as well, such as maps, weather, events (from Eventful) and photos of where you're going (from Flickr). The goal being to replace all your pages of printed confirmations with a single online page that has all the relevant information, nicely organized for you.

The TripIt "Itinerator" also has a social function: If you set up travel friends who are going on the same trip, it will collect all the data in one place, and will, from that point on, let you share your travel calendars if you like. In addition, the service even offers location-based friend finder alerts for trips.

Most recently, TripIt partnered with Hotwire to help users organize and share their travel plans through the popular travel booking Web site. Users booking a trip through Hotwire will now be able to click an "Add to TripIt" button after completing their travel plans. Upon doing so, those plans are added to a TripIt itinerary. Though the basic service is free, TripIt also plans to bring its premium "pro" package to Hotwire. The feature costs $69 per year and monitors itineraries and sends mobile alerts when delays occur. It also finds alternate flight options.

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