VoIP for small businesses

RingCentral is a VoIP-centered call management service for professionals.

RingCentral is a phone call management service can make small businesses look and function like larger ones with some pretty neat telephonic tomfoolery. The service has been around since early 2004, and has since introduced a slew of VoIP plans called DigitalLine that give users the option to use VoIP instead of, or on top of their existing landlines.

So what can you do with RingCentral? Small business owners will love it, since you can set up a ridiculously extensive set of rules to handle incoming calls, or reroute them on the fly with a virtual phone call manager called SoftPhone. The idea is to take a single or multiline setup and spread it out intelligently, while putting all the options online for you to manage and tweak while away from your office. You can set up calls to be routed to different phones or line extensions, and there are also handy business-centric settings to tweak the response people get when they call at off-business hours.

The VoIP implementation is fairly straightforward. All incoming calls can be set to be received via VoIP, letting you receive and manage phone calls while away from your landline. You can also get various minute packages to use VoIP to make outgoing calls, including an all-you-can-eat plan of outgoing VoIP for about $25 per month. In contrast to consumer VoIP services like Vonage, Skype, or Comcast's DigitalVoice, RingCentral isn't aiming at cheap outgoing long distance providers, as much as the multiline business crowd who's looking for a way to handle several lines without the hardware or staffing.

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