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Extract e-mail and addresses from Outlook with this fast and easy productivity tool.

Software publisher Technocom offers numerous extraction utilities designed to seek and recover data from a wide range of applications. Their Email Extractor Outlook v3.2 pulls e-mail addresses from Microsoft Outlook, the most common e-mail client among business and professional users. It can extract e-mail messages from .pst files in all Outlook folders, including Inbox, Drafts, and Contacts. It can save the information it extracts as .csv and text files for wide compatibility with other software and platforms. It automates and simplifies what could be a frustrating, time-consuming chore, collecting and editing e-mail addresses from among what might be thousands of saved messages, but it really shines when you need to find a specific message or address and have no idea which folder or archive is hiding it.

Like other Technocom extractor utilities we've tested, this tool's interface wisely reflects a design philosophy that equates clarity and simplicity with efficiency. It's quite basic: just a navigation tree view and a tabular listing of the extracted data in the main window. Although it's practically self-explanatory, there's also a Help file.

Email Extractor Outlook is free to try for 15 days and costs $24.95. It works in all versions of Windows from 2000 to Vista. It downloads as a compressed file and leaves folders behind when it's uninstalled, mild annoyances and common enough. If you're one of those users who gets so much e-mail that you occasionally think in Outlook-ese, Email Extractor might just be the productivity enhancer you've been waiting for.

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