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Atrise Everyfind creates JavaScript search engines for Web sites, HTML-based portable applications, CD/DVDs, video and music collections, and more--even custom search engines for your own PC. It's a fully functional, standalone tool that works with any Web browser out there, including less common ones like Opera and newer browsers like Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome. It also loads in all versions of Windows as well as Unix and the Mac OS. It generates search results as widely compatible XTHML and CSS files. Links can be edited by category, caption, description, and keywords. It's compact and speedy, and supports a wide range of languages and more than 30 file formats. It even indexes sound files and playlists.

Everyfind Personal has been updated to Everyfind Lite, and the more feature-laden Pro version is now Everyfind Enterprise, but the core program is the same. For a compact tool, it has an attractive, professional layout with clearly legible icons. Everyfind is organized around a series of pop-up dialogs that present a lot of information and configuration options in a simple and concise manner. The wizardlike functionality and a wide range of templates make it easy to create a new search engine for a specific use; for example, a video collection, or to edit a link manually by adding keywords or captions.

Atrise Everyfind is free to try for 30 days. It installs desktop icons without asking. Version 9.2.0 is certified for Windows 7 and includes an updated installer and various bug fixes and enhancements.

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