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Maximize your Gnutella torrents with this powerful P2P program.

There's an abundance of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing clients these days, each boasting a combination of features designed to distinguish itself by making the bit torrent downloading experience easier or more complex, depending on how much control each user needs. Goforshare's Torrent Monster takes the more complex approach, offering a plethora of features and settings that give users an unusual degree of power and control over the searching and downloading processes on Gnutella, the largest P2P network. Its connection optimizer matches your download speed to your Internet connection bandwidth. Torrent Monster also has a sophisticated library manager and features like file previewing, dynamic uploading, and magnet links to facilitate sharing Web pages and documents.

Torrent Monster's main interface and its various settings pages are well rendered in the basic gray of the classic Windows application, favoring e-mail clients in style and execution. Where Torrent Monster shines is in the many ways you can configure it and the unusual and helpful way it displays data, such as its tabbed Views. The Swarm and Pieces views offer helpful graphical depictions, and the aptly named Info View is crowded with significant data. There are Peers, Files, and Options views, and a General View to oversee them. It's a lot, but there's a good Help file.

Torrent Monster is freeware. It works in all versions of Windows from 95 to 7; it leaves program folders behind after it's uninstalled. It's a powerful and sophisticated Gnutella client for bit torrent users who need a bit more.

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