Turbo torrents

Boost your BitTorrents with this free but nagging uTorrent accelerator.

Foxmediatools' uTorrent Turbo Booster is a plug-in download accelerator for uTorrent, one of the most popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing clients. Like most download accelerators, it offers to speed up your file transfers by maximizing your Internet connection's bandwidth and by minimizing the overall impact on system resources, either from your downloading activity or from Turbo Booster itself, which boasts an ability to run in the background, unattended and unnoticed.

Turbo Booster also claims an efficient, intuitive, and attractive interface, and that's certainly no stretch; the simple dialog is functionally appealing, even elegant, with a few controls, a network interface selection, and data displays for basic operations. Most of the program's controls and settings, including its Web-based Help file, are accessed by right-clicking the System Tray icon. There's a nag screen that merits the name, constantly and regularly popping up to urge you to upgrade from the free "lite" version to a more feature-laded pay version. However, whether it's worth it to you to pay for a more advanced version of an accelerator that's designed to be used with software that's usually free hinges not only on whether you use torrents enough to justify the extra expense for the extra performance, but also on whether uTorrent actually boosts your performance at all. On that count, much depends on each user's situation; some will greatly benefit, and others won't see much difference.

Turbo Booster is freeware that works with all versions of Windows up to 7. It installs desktop icons without asking.

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