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You can carry this full-featured BitTorrent app around in your pocket.

Portable applications give so much and take so little; they pack powerful, useful programs in compact, efficient packages that are totally portable and self initializing. You can carry a bunch of them around in your pocket like a total software tool kit on a USB drive. They're quick and efficient operators, and they're often free, too. PortableApps' uTorrent is just such a program. It's a free, portable BitTorrent client that nevertheless includes most features common to peer-to-peer utilities, such as bandwidth prioritization, scheduling options, autodownloading of RSS feeds, and decentralized tracking through Mainline DHT. It typically uses less than 6MB of memory, which is insignificant to all systems but the most antiquated and is one of the keys to the program's total portability.

This software is based on a very svelte program to begin with, and it's actually a bit larger than the standard version of uTorrent because of additions that make it portable. However, it functions much the same as the standard P2P client. When we tested uTorrent, we found it extremely easy to use, with a simple button interface that made pausing downloads a cinch. The portable version retains the features and functionality of the standard software, including the Help file. It's easy to use, even from a USB drive; insert the drive, wait for Windows to see it, click the program icon, and it's ready to work.

Like all PortableApp's offerings, uTorrent is free to use and share. It works with all versions of Windows from 2000 to 7.

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