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Recover a wide range of files with this powerful application.

FinalData Standard Demo by AOS Technologies America automatically recovers files that have been accidentally deleted from your Windows PC. It will also perform more complex operations, including recovering data from damaged Master Boot Record files, directories, file allocation tables, and hard-drive partitions. It works with all Windows files systems from FAT12 to NTFS as well as most portable media, including floppy, ZIP, and Jaz drives, so it supports legacy formats and hardware. It has some nice extras, too, such as the ability to place files in password-protected folders to prevent them from being accidentally deleted or deliberately tampered with.

FinalData downloads as a compressed file but opens, installs, and performs largely without fuss. Its elegant, attractive interface is a nice take on the classic Windows app, with a main panel and tree view on the left, clearly designed icons, and full complement of options in the file menu, including a Help file. It's a powerful tool that's clearly aimed at enterprise systems and advanced users, and there's little it doesn't support. Unfortunately, that includes Windows Vista and 7. FinalData is only rated up to XP.

FinalData Standard Demo is free to try and $79.95 for the registered version. The demo disables some features; for instance, it will check for deleted files but it won't recover them, but at least you'll know if you need its services. Of greater concern is the XP limitation. With Vista come and gone, even XP die-hards are moving to Windows 7, and FinalData should, too.

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