Live video blogging is a live video blogging site that combines various multimedia tools and social networking features. is a live video blogging site that combines a live video feeds and public chat rooms. It launched with head blogger Justin Kan's daily schedule--which loosely resembled a content programming guide. Entertaining bits of content are archived for later viewing, complete with a blog post with context for what's going on. The entire production was run through Kan's backpack, which holds a laptop hooked up to an EV-DO card, and people had the option to call or text message Justin with feedback or comments about what's going on.

Mundane moments aside, was pretty entertaining with even just one person to follow. In about 10 minutes of watching, we felt like we were inside his head, in a "Being John Malkovich" kind of way. Since the trial run, the service has opened up to others who wanted their own channels. It's now a large live streaming network that also keeps archives of everything that's streamed online. Each video room includes live chat and simple ways to share the live and archived content, either on blogs or social-networking sites.

Chatters can discuss what's happening on various shows with other viewers (using Lingr, the live updating chat service), and also has added Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace integration to its service. This lets members sync up their accounts to filter chat room content and pinpoint their friends from those social sites, as well as spread the word about what they're watching by pushing out Facebook and MySpace status messages or tweets on Twitter. The entertainment is endless, so if you're looking for a way to kill some time, this is a worthy option.

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