Multifaceted protector

Use this free application to clean up infected computers.

AntiVirus Defender scans computers for viruses and unwanted applications. You can choose a fast scan for a quick checkup or a full scan to thoroughly check your computer. AntiVirus Defender will also check your computer's memory for problems, and it can even detect broken executable files.

This program's colorful interface has big, easy-to-read icons. There's a Help button that leads you to the program's Web site where there are step-by-step instructions illustrated with screenshots that should help even the most novice of users. Being able to choose between fast scan and full scan is a common feature but handy. If you're short on time, the fast scan will alert you to any major issues. If you're certain that there are problems buried deep in your computer's files, choose the full scan. In addition to straightforward virus scanning, AntiVirus Defender is able to scan just your computer's memory. We tested this feature on our computer. Though it took a while for the program to scan the memory, it worked well. You can also schedule regular scans of your computer, and the program will automatically download upgrades when they're available. The publisher cautions that AntiVirus Defender should not be used as a substitute for full virus protection: it's designed to help you clean infected computers.

This program is free, and we experienced no difficulties installing or uninstalling it. If your computer is ailing, AntiVirus Defender can help you get it on the road to recovery.

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