Unreliable reading

Don't expect much accuracy from this mediocre application.

We've reviewed a lot of programs from Mystic Board, and almost all of them are poorly designed pieces of software that contain very little in the way of useful content. Although MB Tarot Suite is a disaster as far as its design is concerned, we do give it credit for delivering something that vaguely resembles an actual tarot reading.

MB Tarot Suite actually contains four applications: Tarot Reading, Astrology Tarot, Tarot Numerology, and Runic Tarot. Each of these asks for the user's name and date of birth, and then provides users with a basic reading. Of course, the program can't do what a skilled tarot reader can, which is interpret the cards that are cast in relationship to one another. We are also highly doubtful that this program contains entirely accurate information about tarot; given our experiences with many other Mystic Board programs, we would not at all put it past Mystic Board to just make stuff up. Whether or not you actually believe in tarot, there is a rhyme and reason to it, and a method for performing readings. We seriously doubt that this program pays much attention to doing tarot the right way. Although we do give MB Tarot Suite some credit for being functional (not always a given with Mystic Board programs), the design remains utterly headache-inducing. Proceed with caution: the program, overall, is pretty awful, but we suppose that it could have some redeeming qualities.

MB Tarot Suite is free. The program installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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