Sleek interactive calendar

Sync with other calendars using this attractive desktop program.

There are a lot of calendar applications out there, and by this point we think that most people have settled on their favorites, whether they're devoted to Outlook, the online capabilities of Google Calendar, or something else. Most of the stand-alone calendar applications that we review don't particularly impress us, simply because they offer little in the way of features that could conceivably lure people away from other programs. VueMinder Calendar Lite, however, is an exception: this flexible calendar fills a niche that other calendar programs don't.

The application's interface is sleek and attractive, reminding us very much of Microsoft Outlook. It has all the typical things you'd expect from a calendar: you can create different categories to organize events and appointments, set reminders with alarms, and so-on. Where this calendar really shines, however, is with its interactive capabilities. You can share calendars on a local area network, subscribe to any calendars that follow the standard iCalendar format, and sync the VueMinder Calendar with multiple Google Calendars. We also very much like the optional desktop calendar that the program offers; this translucent calendar can be moved around the screen and have its opacity adjusted, allowing you to have a seamlessly integrated calendar readily available. The program's online Help file is well-written and thorough. Overall, we were quite impressed with both the design and features of VueMinder Calendar Lite, and we recommend it highly.

VueMinder Calendar Lite is free. The program installs and uninstalls without issues.

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