Cyber snoop

Track all Internet and computer use with this full-featured program.

The Internet is a crazy place, and sometimes people--your kids, your spouse, your employees--just can't be trusted to stay out of trouble there. Fortunately for you, there's XPCMonitor Family Safety. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive Internet usage monitor we've ever seen. Whether you're keeping an eye on your children or doing some snooping, XPCMonitor Family Safety delivers.

The program's interface is quite intuitive, with its major features organized in tabs. And my, what features it has. The screen snapshot feature takes a screenshot every 30 seconds (or at intervals specified by the user) and then allows users to flip through them or play them as a slideshow. The instant message record keeps track of the chat software used, as well as the usernames of both the user and anyone they chat with. The program also logs all Web sites visited, keystrokes, and the activity of other software. Users can control both computer and Internet usage by setting time limits (hours per week) or creating a schedule of times that the computer and Internet are available. Users who want their kids to know that they're being monitored can leave the icon visible in the system tray, but the program also has settings that prevent it from being detected. Users can even have the program e-mail periodic activity reports. Overall, we found XPCMonitor Family Safety's set of features to be quite impressive, and we think it's a great choice for anyone who needs to keep tabs on someone's computer activity.

XPCMonitor Family Safety has a seven-day trial period. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We highly recommend this program to all users.

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