Outlook PM Add-In

This powerful project management tools integrates with Outlook.

IQ medialabs' InLoox is a professional business utility that integrates sophisticated project management capabilities directly into Microsoft Outlook, the business world's standard e-mail client. It supports and enhances standard business-oriented Outlook features such as project planning, scheduling, and monitoring. Where it shines is in project management. It improves your ability to manage project resources, documents, and budgets with time, cost, and activity recording and enhanced team coordination capabilities.

Calling Outlook an "e-mail client" is a bit of an understatement since it's essential for planning as well as managing contacts and projects. Calling InLoox an Outlook Add-In is also an understatement since it essentially offers true enterprise-level project management capabilities; it just makes them extraordinarily easy to use by integrating them with software you probably already use all day, every day. InLoox's customizable controls tie in nicely with Outlook's, and the considerable features it adds have a clean, businesslike family appearance, with easy-to-use tabs, tables, and contrasting colors for readability. Its project management tools are too numerous to mention, but they include the ability to record and report virtually every aspect of a project individually, within the team, or for clients and other contacts.

InLoox is free to try but costs $499 to buy, which is a lot for individuals, but not for the sort of business users it's aimed at. For those users, InLoox is useful and may be essential. Direct integration into Outlook means greater familiarity and less time wasted learning a new platform, which saves time and money even before you've used it.

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