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Change file types for a variety of media.

WMA MP3 Converter is a great tool for converting audio files to different types. By offering much more than the name implies, this turned out to be a surprising and helpful program.

Its interface was a relief, thanks to command icons that are scaled back to the absolute simplest form. We were never confused or in need of instructions since the entire layout is so intuitive. We were surprised to discover that WMA MP3 Converter isn't just a converter for WMA files. In fact, you can take any audio and video file and convert it to a sound file in a simple three-step process that takes only a handful of seconds to execute. We were able to convert files not only to MP3s but also MAV, MP4, and eight other audio formats. The conversion took less than a minute for a typical song and produced a perfect facsimile, only in a new file type and limited to 60 percent of the original's length during the trial. While its functionality is simple enough to appeal even to novices, its features are reserved for expert users. You can customize each file type choice with some in-depth but ultimately unnecessary choices; for example, setting an MP3's stereo channels. All in all, this is still an excellent and easy-to-use program for converting sound files.

WMA MP3 Converter only converts 60 percent of a file during its trial. By offering more than its name implies, WMA MP3 converter impressed us. We recommend it.

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