Complete data eraser

Eradicate files and data from a computer using this simple program.

SystemUp Eraser 2009 is an exciting tool for removing data from a computer. With a professional design and thorough deletion methods, this program provides great security enhancement.

SystemUp Eraser has a professional-looking interface with an efficient design. Not only were all processes simplified, but also the graphics gave us the impression that a great deal of care had been taken in making this an easy-to-use program. We were able to select files, folders, or entire drives to erase. The program let us choose the level of complexity we wanted to apply to erasing. Each level did a masterful job of explaining how many passes each eraser would make, how long it would take, and how much more security each provided. The strongest erasing option made a surprising 35 passes. Its medium security option made seven passes and lasted only a few minutes. When it finished, the files it deleted were nowhere to be found. The program claims to use the most secure methods to make it impossible to retrieve any data, and we believe it. SystemUp Eraser also includes a deletion log feature that records which files it erases. This fast, easy-to-use program left us feeling more secure. It's a great tool for those handling sensitive data or wanting to erase a hard drive for resale.

SystemUp Eraser 2009 has a 14-day trial period. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. We loved everything about this data eraser and highly recommend it.

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