Easy data backup

Save your data from potential crashes with this program.

Hard drive specialist Western Digital's Anywhere Backup is a smooth and efficient backup utility that can protect your computer's data from crashes. With a simple process and a great design, this tool takes a tough job and makes it easy for anyone.

The program's interface is a real treat to operate, breaking down a complex process into easy stages with the help of a simple three-step wizard. We never felt lost or in need of any more instruction than what was currently onscreen. You can choose a destination on your hard drive for backing up data, or choose an external backup device such as an external hard drive, USB stick, or iPod drive. This surprisingly simple process required no real computer knowledge to accomplish. It's just as easy to select a folder or an entire drive to back up. The process of actually saving all this data took up to several minutes, depending on how much data we were saving, but that hardly seems excessive. When it was finished, the program laid out all the data for future reference. WD Anywhere Backup is so focused on its task that it omits any extras. Not a problem, but an additional perk like an encryption option would have been nice. Nevertheless, it's a near-flawless way to back up your critical data.

WD Anywhere Backup has a 31-day trial limit. It installs desktop icons without permission. We recommend it.

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