Taking stock

Monitor stock values with this helpful free program.

Medved Quote Tracker provides tons of stock market information in one free package. While that package isn't the best looking of its kind, it more than makes up for any unattractiveness with enough raw data to satisfy the desktop day trader.

Medved Quote Tracker's interface is cramped and bland, featuring a gray-on-white color scheme that isn't very kind on the eyes. The design squeezes a large collection of commands into a tiny space. Fortunately, a brief trip to the Help file soon cleared things up. We also don't like the way its online quote feature requires you to be a customer of a paid service: only the most obscure online quote services are free. However, once we'd found a suitable source, we were able to track the market value and price of specific stocks within any one of the dozens of worldwide markets the program can access. This is a fine way to keep an eye on prices, but the program didn't really become special until we discovered its extra features. By providing links to online research sources and a wide variety of customizable charts and graphs, Medved Quote Tracker offers much more than a simple stock tracker. What it lacks in the layout department, it makes up in functions and features that set it apart from the crowd.

Medved Quote Tracker is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Despite its poor graphic design, it's quite a helpful stock tool. We recommend it.

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