Onscreen recorder

Turn onscreen activity into useful video with this neat tool.

If you're looking for a simple and precise tool for recording a computer's every movement, 7 Cove DemoRec provides the solution. The videos it creates are perfect for presentations, tutorials, and more, thanks to its easy operation and fast results.

The program's interface feels a little clinical but is simple enough to operate, and we never needed to consult the Help file. The program's primary function works like a VCR remote: you simply press Record, and 7 Cove records all your actions until you press Stop. The results are a perfect facsimile of everything that happens onscreen and at the exact same speed at which it happens, too. You can also convert your files to AVI or BMP format so they're easy to view. This feature seems like it would be a great tool for teaching people how to perform specific functions on a computer. The program's other interesting features helped deepen its functionality. You can adjust the speed of the video and whether the cursor is visible, but its best feature is the ability to record sound for your video for narration, incidental music, or sound effects. While 7 Cove's layout leaves something to be desired, its recording functions and features boost its capabilities.

This software leaves a watermark on output during trial, and it leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Its interface was a bit too sterile for our tastes, but 7 Cove DemoRec is a great tool overall, and we recommend it.

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