Overwhelming virus scanner

This all-in-one security tool might be a bit too much for some.

Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus provides an impressive display of security measures. Though there's something here for practically everyone, many users will feel overwhelmed by its breadth and complexity.

The program includes tons of functions and options, but its interface is easy to understand and navigate, with a professional layout and an intuitive command structure. If there's a criticism that can be leveled, it's that the program actually offers too many quality options, which can be overwhelming to some users. You can set up a firewall, scan with an antivirus tool, and seek out spyware with three separate programs. Each of these did a nice job of sniffing out security leaks; however, each one also offered a variety of features for each function, such as the antivirus feature's confusing options to scan files, scan the computer, and scan critical areas, which should have been condensed to one command. These features are useful but will mostly appeal to those who are highly knowledgeable about security. The average user will probably not know where to begin or how often to schedule each option and will probably be better off with a simpler all-in-one scanner. For those willing to wade through the choices, though, it's a great tool.

Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus has a 90-day trial limit. It installs desktop icons without permission. Though its overwhelming options will turn some off, the program is a massively helpful tool that we still recommend for those with patience and a little experience.

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