Fast file converter

Convert audio or video files to MP3s with this speedy tool.

Any Media to MP3 Converter is a simple tool for converting myriad file types to MP3s. With its basic layout and fast results, this program is a pleasure to operate.

Any Media's interface is very plain, but it kept us focused on the task at hand. There are no unnecessary options, which makes the entire process intuitive, one step after another. We simply built a queue of videos and audio files and chose a file type to convert them to. As befitting its name, Any Media handles a wide variety of file types and converts them all swiftly, usually taking only a few seconds for a small file. The program delivers a new MP3 of high-quality sound that doesn't lose any content from the original. However, video files obviously no longer contain visuals once they're reformatted as audio files. While Any Media's description only mentions MP3s, it also converts files to the commonly used WMA and OGG formats as well. To our approval, we unsuccessfully tried to find a file type Any Media couldn't convert. The program also includes a fascinating feature for stitching together several audio files into a single MP3, which seems useful for reuniting broken-up concert recordings. Overall, this is a smooth program that does a great job of converting a huge range of files into commonly used formats.

Any Media to MP3 player claims to have some functions limited during the trial, but we couldn't find any. Its simplicity and flexibility earn it our recommendation.

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