Simple error detector

Eliminate system-slowing errors with this helpful program.

ZeoOptimizer offers to help your computer run to its highest performance level. By seeking and destroying errors, this easy-to-use program is a great tool for improving your PC's speed, but its trial limitations left us wanting more.

The program's interface was delightfully simple to use, as its layout reminded us of some of the more basic virus-scan programs available. However, instead of seeking out viruses, this highly readable program is on the hunt for performance-killing errors. ZeoOptimizer searched an entire computer in only a matter of minutes, and it showcased its results on an easy-to-read list that allowed a closer look at each individual occurrence, if you should need one. ZeoOptimizer only removes 20 errors during its trial period, due to limitations on the software, but it removed those in a handful of seconds. There wasn't a big change in performance, since this was only a fraction of the errors ZeoOptimizer would have found and eliminated. The program is a little scrawny in the special features department, only allowing you to customize which parts of the computer it scans, but that was better than nothing. While we didn't get a feel for this program's full impact, we have confidence in its overall design and commend its usefulness.

ZeoOptimizer has the aforementioned trial limits. It installs desktop icons without permission. While we wished for a full cleansing, the tidbit we saw was enough to recommend this program.

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