Video maker

Use this program to create videos from multiple audio and video files.

AVI-Mux GUI creates new audio and video files from multiple existing audio and video files.

This program has a minimal interface with no supporting drop-down windows or other helpful controls. The top window instructs you to open files via dragging and dropping them into it, so we tried this with two MP3 files and were able to transfer them with no problems. Clicking the Start button at the bottom of the interface prompts the program to create the new file. The program's default format for saving files is the AVI file type, but when our test file finished, AVI-Mux would only save the file in the MKV format. Once our new file was created, we couldn't figure out how to play it. We couldn't tell if this application is designed only to create audio and video files and lacks a playback option. There's no Help file associated with it, only a rich-text file that testily told us to read the manual before asking any questions. It took some digging to find the manual, which is available on the publisher's Web site, but we couldn't make much sense of it. Perhaps the manual would be helpful to video professionals and other experienced users.

AVI-Mux GUI is free. Our overall experience with this program was disappointing and frustrating. The program is not easy to use and makes the otherwise enjoyable experience of tinkering with audio and video unpleasant and unfulfilling. For most users, it's not the best choice.

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