Spyware checker

Scan your computer for autorun.inf files with this program.

Autorun.inf Check scans your computer and looks for autorun.inf files. The program will remove or back up autorun.inf files.

The program's interface is minimal and contains no instructions or Help file, so we based our summations of its operations and functionality on educated guesses. The About link on the interface takes users to a forum created by the program's manufacturer, but it offers little useful information. Autorun.inf Check's job is to scan your computer for autorun.inf files, which are files that automatically run programs when triggered. You have the option to tell the program either to remove or back up the files it finds: not all autorun.inf files are malware. Spyware can infect your computer with the autorun.inf file by infiltrating your computer and then launching the malicious file. However, some autorun.inf files are essential to running your programs. How does Autorun.inf Check distinguish between legitimate autorun.inf files and spyware? We couldn't tell, but we assume it's up to the user to determine which files are bad and which essential. And surely not all spyware comes as autorun.inf files, so we're not certain how useful this program would be in clearing out spyware if it only looks for one type of file. However, it's a very specific tool for particular needs.

Autorun.inf Check is free. More information needs to come with this program. Perhaps IT professionals will understand exactly what it does and is capable of, but it's not clear enough to be much use to the average computer user.

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