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Create and edit videos with this free application.

RaceRender Video Processor is a program that can create and edit videos. For freeware, it has a great deal of functionality, despite its plainness.

The design of this program's interface is very basic, and its layout is fairly easy to navigate. The Help manual is extensive and covers pretty much any topic you need to know. A good Help manual is much appreciated since RaceRender is a complicated program, especially for users with little video editing experience. We were able to import a video file into the program with no trouble, and we discovered a few useful features, too. For example, the Snapshot feature takes a shot of a frame of video and saves it as a BMP file. RaceRender's description says that you can create videos with picture-in-picture overlays, split screens, camera switching, transparencies, and other effects, and also mix multiple concurrent video and audio sources. Without a thorough study of the user manual, we could only accomplish the basic task of importing video into the program. The editing features are extensive and really require some study of the instructions to fully grasp how to use RaceRender to create and edit videos.

This is a free application. Basic users and those new to video will have a big learning curve using it, but those with video-editing experience will probably be able to get up and running with RaceRender in no time.

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