Trojans begone

Remove harmful Trojan files from your computer with this application.

Loaris Trojan Remover scans and removes Trojans and other harmful spyware from your computer. It can do a quick scan of critical files or a deep and thorough scan of your whole computer.

This program's interface is clean and simple to use. Those familiar with virus protection software will find the program's layout similar to many popular programs. For users new to antivirus software, Loaris offers a good Help file that will get you up and running. To test the program, we had it do a quick scan of a target computer, which it accomplished with no problems. The program has a handy update tab built into the menu that will check to see if you're running the most recent version. The Tools menu offers some nice options that not all virus protection programs have, such as the ability to Reset Windows Update Policies. As the program explains, some spyware programs try to disable your Windows Update settings, but by selecting this option, Loaris Trojan Remover will fix any of those settings that have been disabled by spyware. We've experienced that specific problem with our PC and know how useful that option can be.

This is a trial version of the software. It limits access to program updates and some removal options. If you're experiencing problems with viruses and spyware infecting your computer, Loaris Trojan Remover will help you find and fix them.

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