Virus buffer

Enhance your computer's security with this helpful utility.

BufferZone Pro for Vista is security software that functions as its own environment. You can surf the Internet through the program's interface and be protected from threats like viruses and malware.

BufferZone Pro for Vista has an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface with a lot of good features to help enhance your computer's security. You have the option to monitor activity on computer peripherals such as CD-ROM drives, flash drives, and USB hard disks, which is a nice benefit. The program comes with its own Firewall and it also has an Event Log that you can check to see if BufferZone has detected any suspicious activity on your computer and use to keep track of your computer's security status. Through the Configuration panel, you can set options for denying or allowing programs to access your computer and enter exceptions for safe programs. We appreciate these customization options because security software can be overzealous sometimes and try to block programs that aren't malware. There's an included Flash tutorial that offers visual examples of how to use the program. BufferZone also has a Help file and offers links to the publisher's Web site and User Forum.

This is a 30-day trial version of the software. If you're searching for a thorough and easy-to-use solution for protecting your computer from the nuisance and hassle of viruses and malware, check out BufferZone Pro for Vista.

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