Powerful file cleaner

Delete potentially sensitive information with this intuitive tool.

History Killer Pro is an easy-to-use program that helps users maintain their privacy online and off. By scanning for and permanently deleting a wide variety of potentially sensitive files, the program ensures that private information stays private.

The program's interface is quite sleek and intuitive, with its major functions divided into tabs. The most important of these is the Targets tab; this is where users select the files that they want History Killer Pro to scan. These are helpfully divided into different sections depending on the type of application the files are associated with; there are headings for Windows System files, a variety of different Web browsers, Windows Accessories, Microsoft Office, and so on. When the program scans the user's computer it returns a list with the number of files, showing, for example, temporary files, Recycle Bin items, cookies, Registry values, and more. Clicking on each of these allows users to view a detailed list of the detected files, which can then be selected or deselected for deletion. We liked that the program makes it easy to customize both what is scanned and what is deleted, but as with all such programs, users will want to be careful not to delete files that they actually need. To its credit, the program's built-in Help file goes into quite a bit of detail about each file type, allowing users to make informed decisions about how to handle file deletions.

History Killer Pro is free to try, but the trial version will only scan files; it will not delete them. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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