Restaurant rate reducer

Cut your restaurant's costs with these Excel templates.

It's hard enough to make a go of a restaurant by emphasizing things like food, service, and sanitation. Where too many good restaurants fail is not in the kitchen or the dining room but in the office, where costs, inventory, and profit and loss are often left to fend for themselves. Restaurateurs who want to succeed need to pay as close attention to their bottom line as they do their menus. Spreadsheet123's Restaurant Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Template for Excel RPLT 1 isn't too long a title for such a helpful tool. It contains five Excel templates for calculating a restaurant business's monthly profit and loss, as well as some extras that can help busy entrepreneurs take care of their bottom line so they can focus on running a restaurant.

Like the publisher's many business software titles, the program is a spreadsheet for Microsoft's Excel, so it's available for use immediately after extraction, with no need to install anything. The templates are cleanly designed and easy to use, with configuration and data-entry options such as choice of currency, food and liquor margins, and budgets.

Restaurant Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Template is free for personal use but requires a license for commercial use, and the free version has customization limitations. It downloads as a ZIP file but requires no installation to use; you do need Excel, though. It's a highly effective time and money saver for busy restaurant managers and owners, and it earns a place on the menu.

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