Twist timer

Time yourself on Rubik's Cube with this free stopwatch software.

Red Crab Cube Timer is a stopwatch application designed to time how fast it takes you to solve Rubik's Cube. Those who enjoy trying to solve the cube as fast as possible can use this free tool to add some flair to the timing process.

The program's interface is basic and easy to navigate but not very attractive. You can choose a plain background or one of 12 illustrated backgrounds as a backdrop for the timer, which appears at the center of the screen. All of the illustrated backgrounds have a psychedelic look that isn't particularly appealing, though some users may like them. If you don't like the colorful backgrounds, you can always go with the plain background, which is seriously plain, but at least it's easier on the eyes. The program saves your time each time you start and stop the timer, so you can use that feature to challenge yourself again and again. The timer keeps track of minutes and seconds, and you can start and stop it quickly by pressing the space bar on your computer, which makes it extremely easy to use. There's no real Help file, and selecting Help from the drop-down menu takes you to the program's Web page, which doesn't offer much information. The program is pretty self explanatory, luckily.

If you're not into Rubik's Cube, Red Crab Cube Timer isn't going to be much use to you, unless you're looking for a festive stopwatch. It's free, so grab it and start twisting.

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