Web page data extractor

Export source code from Web pages into other applications with this tool.

Happy Harvester allows you to extract data from Web pages for use in other programs. There are two primary views: Source Preview and Browser Preview. Type a URL into the Base URL window, and the Source Preview shows the code for the Web page; the Browser Preview shows how the Web page displays in a browser.

Happy Harvester's interface is basic but functional. There's a useful Help file that explains how to use the program's main features and extras. The documentation touts the program's ability to pull source code from Web pages that you can then export for use in Excel. If you're researching different ways to display information on the Web, you can use this program to create a spreadsheet that tracks your data. We think is a useful feature, but it doesn't seem as practical an application for Happy Harvester as using it to build Web pages. Web designers often need to examine source code on existing Web pages for use in developing new pages, and that seems a perfect application for this program. You can pull up a Web page's source code with Happy Harvester and easily copy it from the program's interface into the document or whatever program you're using to build a Web page. You can tweak and test the code from there.

This is a trial version of the software. Happy Harvester is designed for more-advanced computer users. Users of that type and Web developers will find this tool useful.

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