Flash video editor

Use this program to edit Flash videos.

Moyea FLV Editor Lite rips and edits Flash video on your computer. You can edit FLV and MP3 files with this program, too.

Moyea FLV Editor Lite has a fun, colorful interface that is easy to navigate. When you first open the program, a helpful tutorial describes the commands and functions. If you're unfamiliar with video and video editing, this tutorial will help you get up and running in no time. You can bring files into the program for editing several ways: you can import them from your personal media library or from your hard drive; you can import them from your Internet Explorer cache; or, if you select the Import from Media Library option, you'll be led to a Web page where you can download this program manufacturer's YouTube FLV Downloader program. You can then use that program to download video from YouTube and export it to Moyea FLV Editor Lite for editing. With all the content available on YouTube, this is a nice feature. Editing video with the program is pretty easy, and if you have difficulty with editing, there's a good Help file that explains the process. Once you've created and edited your new file, you can export it for posting to the Internet or save and play your new creation on your computer.

This is a time-unlimited trial version of the software. The trial version limits the number of files that you can use to make new clips, but it has plenty of functionality.

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