File lister

Drag and drop your files into lists with this neat utility.

Do you need to create a spreadsheet or list out of files that are on your computer? DDFileCatcher can help you do that with ease and aplomb. Instead of tediously selecting, copying, and pasting file names from Windows Explorer into an Excel document or other list, DDFileCatcher saves tons of time and effort by making it easy to create file lists simply by dragging your files from Windows Explorer into its interface.

This program's interface is clean and simple. The design is uncluttered and easy to read, which is a definite benefit in a program designed to manage long lists of data. DDFileCatcher is fairly self-explanatory, but there's an extensive Help file for those who need a little assistance. The Help file includes helpful screen shots that show you how to navigate the program. When creating lists of files, DDFileCatcher gives you the option to select which parts of data to include, such as file extensions, paths, and creation or modification dates. There's an option that lists the entire contents of specific drives on your computer, which is an especially handy feature. Also of note is the program's ability to save file lists as CSV files and export them into a spreadsheet or database. DDFileCatcher will also display lists in plain text and XML, which could be helpful for Web developers.

This is a 30-day trial version of the software. DDFileCatcher is a useful, time-saving application for listing a computer's files, and we recommend it.

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