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This downloader has a few kinks to work out before it will be really useful.

MyTube Bigpack Internet Recorder 3 Free is a multifeatured program that allows users to view, download, and convert videos from a variety of different sites. Although we think the program has potential, it has a few kinks to work out before we can recommend it wholeheartedly.

The program's interface is attractive and well-organized, with easily accessed sections for finding, playing, downloading, and converting videos. We liked--in theory, anyway--that the program allows users to search a variety of different Web sites from within the interface, but this didn't always work as planned. Although we were able to search for videos on such sites as Google Video and iFilm (now Spike), searching such popular sites as YouTube and Dailymotion returned no results at all. We never were able to determine what was wrong or how to fix it; although the program includes a built-in Help file, this problem is not addressed. Other aspects of the program, such as the video downloader, worked just fine; we were especially impressed with the speed of the downloads. The video player, however, seemed to only be able to play MTPL files. The converter worked well but wasn't very versatile, offering only to convert FLV files into the WMV format. Overall, we felt that this program has the potential to be quite useful and powerful, but it's not quite there yet.

MyTube Bigpack Internet Recorder 3 Free is, as the name says, free, although a paid version gives users access to more features. The program comes as a ZIP file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations; it works, but it could be better.

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