Failing marks

Expect disappointment from this inflexible program.

School Administration Made Easy is, frankly, anything but. Although the program has some useful features, its lack of professionalism and options for customization seriously limit its usefulness.

The program bills itself as a way to manage a variety of school administration tasks, including student enrollment, attendance, grades, transportation, and more. As far as navigation is concerned, the program's interface is average, neither particularly well-designed nor particularly difficult. However, the templates into which users enter information leave something to be desired. One would expect to be able to customize the templates, allowing users to enter information relevant to their particular school. But users are stuck with the template that comes with the program, which is peculiarly British (asking, for example, for the student's father's name and NIC number). We were further unimpressed with a smattering of typos throughout the program. Although the program isn't skimpy on the features--there are quite a few management tools and reports--the lack of Help files leaves users to figure things out for themselves. Overall, we found this program too inflexible and unprofessional to be of much use.

School Administration Made Easy is free to try, but the trial version limits users to 100 uses. The program comes as a ZIP file and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program; it has potential, but we feel certain that there are more user-friendly options available, especially in this price range.

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