Password protector

Save and store your passwords with this helpful freeware.

KeePass Password Safe Professional provides a helpful directory for remembering passwords and keeping them secure. While its layout was slightly confusing, its excellent results made us very happy, and to top it off, it's free.

The program's interface has a stark, directionless layout that initially turned us off. However, a visit to the Help file's instructions and some experimenting quickly opened this program up, and it actually proved to be easy to use. The program's functionality is quite simple: Follow an onscreen menu to enter a Web site's information and its corresponding user name and password. This entry is stored in an alphabetical directory with all your other entries, much like a digital filing card system. You can look up any forgotten password stored there, which will inevitably save a great deal of time and frustration. You must enter a Master password to open the program, which keeps your sensitive information safe from prying eyes and adds an overall level of security. KeePass also provided a strong feature that randomly generates passwords to meet specific security requirements, offering yet another way to secure your data and activities. KeePass might have offered a clearer layout, but its ability to generate, store and retrieve passwords was excellent. Use it, and you won't have to keep using the same passwords over and over again, just to remember them. Unwise.

KeePass Password Safe Professional is freeware. Its strengths at saving passwords outweigh any negatives, and we recommend this excellent security tool to all users.

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