Computer monitor

View your PC's processes with this fine free tool.

Prism HUD provides an innovative way to monitor and visualize a computer's internal processes in real time. Its color coding and fast results make this a great program for those fascinated by their PC's innards, and it's free as well.

The program's interface was the first indication that this would be a terrific program. Its transparent look was always present and easy to read, but it never took our focus away from the computer screen. The program automatically handles all its duties. Various color-coded bars appeared in the upper right corner, displaying various elements of our PC's network, disk, memory, and processes. As we worked, Prism HUD showed us what percentage of our CPU and memory was being used, how much space our Internet browser was consuming, and much more. It was fascinating to watch the bars appear and reappear, revealing how our system was working in real time. This was like looking under the hood of a car and seeing the pistons going up and down while it's running. The program also provides a feature for adjusting the size and color of all the bars, which allowed us to customize everything to our liking. Overall, this was a fantastic way to keep an eye on our computer and its processes.

Prism HUD is freeware. Its innovative way of looking at a computer's inner workings makes it a great tool for all users, and we highly recommend it.

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