Simple MD5 checker

Calculate and compare MD5 file values with this program.

MD5 Checksum Calculator is a bare-bones program for calculating and comparing MD5 files. While its layout leaves something to be desired, its results are fast and simple.

The program's interface is sparse, and the program offers no Help file or other instructions to guide users through its processes. Fortunately, some experimentation quickly produced a familiarity with the program's few command icons. You simply search a file tree to calculate your sum. Clicking on a specific file or program generates its MD5 sum, which is often used to check the integrity of files. MD5 Checksum Calculator can also compare two sums, though you have to enter the second set of numbers to do so, which is taxing because the MD5 numbers are long. Regardless, this program instantaneously yields its results, which was exactly what was expected of it. MD5 offers little in the form of special features, which was a bit of a disappointment. A feature for saving results and creating a reference document would have been an excellent addition. Despite its rather Spartan setup, the program performs its task well with a minimum of fuss or flair.

MD5 Checksum Calculator is freeware. It comes as a compressed file. While the layout could have been better, it produces excellent results with little effort, and we recommend it.

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