Virus detector

Find viruses and other threats with this simple program.

Innobate AntiVirus Free is a helpful tool in the fight against viruses and other online threats. With a simple setup and fast results, we felt secure in using and recommending this program.

Innobate's interface is broken down into easy-to-use tabs that give a feeling of being in complete control. We never needed to visit the program's Help file for instructions because the entire layout was so familiar and well organized. We were impressed at the speed at which Innobate scanned our computer for viruses, and with the smoothness of its operations too. The entire search took only about five minutes and scanned several thousand files. If the program detected a threat, it was brought to our attention for action. Innobate is also able to determine how large a threat each detected item poses. The Quarantine option isolates each detected threat, whether virus, spyware, or other, to keep it from infecting your computer. We also love the special feature that lets you set up an automatic timer for scheduling routine scans. This is a fast and effective antivirus program that can secure your PC against a wide variety of digital threats.

Innobate AntiVirus is freeware, but it does require online registration. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Its smooth scanning and helpful threat detection make this a program we recommend.

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