Computer speeder upper

Clean up your PC's registry with this free utility.

Little Registry Cleaner Portable Edition provides a simple tool for eliminating waste files and speeding up your computer. It scans your computer just like a virus scanning program, but this program sniffs out obsolete and unnecessary files instead. Its easy-to-use layout and fast results made this an exciting and helpful utility. It's free and completely portable, too: Install it on a USB flash drive and use it on any PC.

Little Registry Cleaner's interface is surprisingly simple to operate, thanks to its limited command options. The portable edition's simplified menu helps keep the focus on the program's main task, scanning and cleaning your PC's registry. Our test scan took roughly one minute and showcased all potential problem files on a long list. We were able to handle each issue individually, which usually meant simply deleting the item, but you can also have the program automatically handle them all, which can be risky if it deletes files you actually want to keep. After cleaning, our PC was definitely faster and more responsive, though it wasn't a massive improvement. The program also offers an interesting feature that can restore any item it fixes in case it makes a mistake. This was a nice security feature that helped us feel more confident about using it. Overall, this was a smooth, helpful way to clean out unnecessary items from your computer.

Little Registry Cleaner Portable Edition is freeware. It comes as a compressed file. We love this program's portability and effectiveness and recommend it.

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