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Convert videos into new formats with this simple program.

Leap Free AVI FLV MP4 WMV to HD Video Converter offers a simple solution for converting video files into high definition video. With a simple layout and fast results, this is a great tool for video quality buffs.

The program's interface is impressively simple, thanks to its onscreen instructions and easy-to-use commands. We never felt lost and were always in control. The program allowed us to track down as many AVI, FLV, MP4, and WMV files as we wanted and place them in a queue. From there, it was a simple one-step process to convert these files and send them to the appropriate folder. The results were surprisingly fast, taking about half the actual running time to convert, and we were left with high-definition MPEG4 video files of the originals. None of the content or running time was lost in the transition. The best part about this process was how this simple HD file creator felt. It seemed like even novices could operate it with little or no difficulty. The program also offers a neat feature for downloading and saving YouTube videos. Such features are becoming common but are nonetheless useful and welcome. Overall, this is a smooth program that is welcoming to users of all skill levels.

Leap Free AVI FLV MP4 WMV to HD Video Converter is freeware. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. With a welcoming layout and fast results, this is a great program that we recommend to all users.

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