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Create green screen video and photo imagery with this exciting program.

Video Magic's 123 VideoMagic Pro uses green screen technology to create Hollywood-type video effects on your PC. While its results are hardly professional, this simple and fun program can insert you into any almost scene with ease.

The program's interface is impressively simple, with a three-step process that provides onscreen direction. A Help file that's actually helpful offers further instructions. The program can record or import video, although the publisher neglects to mention that imported video requires a green screen to work. The recording portion requires a video input such as a camera equipment. The program performs best when imaging single human subjects in flat, unwrinkled clothes, which makes for crisper backgrounds after the greening process. In tests, it produced video of the test subject superimposed on a lime-green background. The next step was to apply a photo image as the background. We could make our subject appear to be anywhere from a forest to a desert to outer space. A simple drag-and-drop editing tool finishes off your video with music and transition effects. The program also provides some helpful extras, such as a built-in teleprompter for recording and subject visibility adjustment for the green screen. While the end product certainly won't fool many people, it was easy to make and a ton of fun, too.

There's a five-second video limit to 123 VideoMagic Pro, and you can't save files. In installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Nevertheless, we love this fun and functional program.

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