Project management program

Oversee complex projects with this highly detailed software.

Multi Project Planner offers a vast array of tools to manage complex projects. It has all that you need to oversee any project, but its overwhelming options may hold some back.

The program's interface is clean and useful but a bit disorienting from the start because of an embarrassment of riches: Multi Project Planner offers so many details that its commands are difficult to memorize. Even the tutorials are confusingly dense with instructions and examples. In the end, Multi Project Planner produces readable, multicolored charts showcasing every aspect of a project, from daily responsibilities of individuals to total man hours on a project and the status of simultaneous jobs. Unfortunately, it took an inordinate amount of time to reach that point. It felt as if we were constantly filling out the same details over and over, which was both tedious and daunting, not a pleasant combo. Multi Project Planner's best feature quickly generates work hours for employees, a breath of fresh air. This comprehensive planning tool requires more data input than most other project management programs we've tested, and to make good use of it, you really need either project management experience or a great deal of patience. However, it's a powerful program that provides impressive results, albeit with some serious focus and effort.

Multi Project Planner has a 30-day trial limit. Although it demands experience and attention to detail, its results are of such a high quality that we recommend this program to those who are serious about project management.

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