Invoice simplifier

Create invoices and monitor stock with this useful business tool.

Simply Invoice provides purchase orders and quotes in addition to its namesake function, producing high-quality invoices quickly and easily. Behind its cluttered layout hides a useful program for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

The program's interface requires more patience than we expected, since its layout overflows with foreign-looking command icons. Fortunately, there's enough onscreen direction to keep most users in control. Creating a new invoice takes mere minutes, once you understand the layout. We set up our company's profile, including name, logo, and taxes, and Simply Invoice automatically populated our documents with the appropriate information in the appropriate places, which is a great time saver. The program proves a simple blank invoice with places for customer, product, and price data. The professional-looking results were ready to give to a client. Simply Invoice also offers Quotes and Purchase Orders that follow the same simple layout and provide equally satisfactory results. Its best feature, the Stock feature, automatically fills out invoices with your products, but it also keeps an eye on your warehouse and inventory. It tracks your supply numbers so you're always on top of reorders. Though the layout could be easier to use, this is a strong program for small businesses.

Simply Invoice has a 15-day trial limitation. It installs desktop icons without permission. Its layout is cluttered, but it produces excellent invoices and more, and we recommend it.

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