Bookstore manager

This impressive collection has all the bookseller's tools in one work.

Denver Research's ezPower Bookstore Point of Sale provides a simple set of tools for running a bookstore. By managing sales, stock, and employees with only a few mouse clicks, this is a great program for entrepreneurs.

The program is simple to set up and operate. The interface holds your hand and walks you through the setup to the point where it can turn you loose to open your own bookshop. The most time-consuming aspect of ezPower Bookstore is building your stock. However, the software still makes the process as simple as possible, since you only have to enter a book's ISBN number and the rest of the title's data fills in automatically. Another excellent managerial feature is the ability to enter your employees into the system, clock their hours, and have an accurate statement ready for each pay period. We didn't have access to a credit card machine or a barcode scanner, but we could manually enter sales, which produced a professional-looking receipt. Using a credit card and barcode would simplify the sales process, and ezPower accepts both. The program also provides interesting features that can track a shop's sales history to monitor business trends. Overall, ezPower Bookstore Point of Sale has everything you need to get a bookstore off the ground and running.

There's a 30-day trial limit for ezPower Bookstore Point of Sale. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. By providing all the management and sales tools a bookseller could possibly need, it earns our high recommendation.

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