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Clickster offers users a free and fast way to track down MP3s. While its results were a little scattered, the program lives up to its billing by finding free and legal songs online.

Clickster's interface is easy to navigate, though it took a few practice runs to decipher all the odd-looking command icons. Regardless, after a couple minutes we felt intimately familiar with this program's operations. Clickster operates similarly to other software that searches for MP3s, such as the infamous Napster. You merely need to enter a song title or an artist to begin your search. This is simple enough, but unfortunately, the results it yielded were the low point of the program. The song lists were skimpy, since the program only searches for songs on free sites like MySpace. For example, when we searched for "Jingle Bells," a song recorded hundreds if not thousands of times, it only found seven results. However, these songs played clearly enough. Furthermore, we were highly impressed with Clickster's ability to save songs to our hard drive as regular MP3s, which any player can handle. This program's best feature is a direct link to download songs on MySpace, which is much appreciated since the site traditionally only allows listening, not downloading. Overall, this program could have offered better song results, but it still found free music.

Clickster is freeware. It leaves behind Start Menu items after uninstalling. Despite some rough patches, this is still a reasonably good MP3 finder, and we recommend it.

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