Glorified YouTube player

This souped-up YouTube player is actually pretty good.

Muziic claims to offer users an enormous library of free music and videos within one simple program. While this is partially true, the program is actually just a glorified YouTube player, though a very nice one.

The program's layout is incredibly easy to understand and navigate, with a professional design and intuitive command icons. When you first open Muziic, you encounter a fancy interface that works a lot like YouTube. You can search for music--or any topic, for that matter--and watch the rundown of results on a small screen. This, its most important element, was unfortunately its weakest and least original, although the audio and video quality was very good. We did, however, enjoy the streaming radio from around the world. The hundreds of stations boasted an incredible range of choices, everything from American rock to Indian Bollywood. All played clearly, with the crisp quality that sets Internet radio apart from its broadcast namesake. Muziic also provides a special feature for storing and cataloging your favorite videos, so you don't need to repeat searches. Though the product description is somewhat misleading, this is an excellent program for watching online videos and listening to radio.

Muziic is a free program. It installs desktop icons without permission. Though we initially thought it would be strictly a music player, this program was a fine way to view videos and listen to radio, and we recommend it.

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