Radio (free) Malaysia

Listen to Malaysian Internet radio with this free player.

Drewbuzz Radio provides an easy-to-use tool for listening to Malaysian Internet radio stations. With a simple layout and crystal-clear sound, this free program's only real flaw is its lack of descriptions like artist and genre that would make it easier to find tunes that suit your taste.

Drewbuzz Radio's interface is so incredibly easy to operate that we never cared that it lacked instructions. Its functions are broken down into a few simple commands that had us surfing for stations after only a few seconds. Drewbuzz Radio offers about a dozen stations that are identified by station names instead of call signs or genre. This kept things simple, but it also caused some frustrating moments since you can't see what type of music each station plays before listening to it. This made it hard to find suitable choices and time consuming to sort through the stations. Regardless, they all seemed to play either Malaysian pop or rock. We'd have liked a news station, talk, or some sports thrown into the mix. The sound was always clear and wasn't jerky like some streaming stations. Drewbuzz Radio offers no special features, which isn't a problem, although displaying the song title, artist, and genre would have been a great addition. Overall, this is a great way to stream Malaysian music directly to your computer.

Drewbuzz Radio is freeware. Though there were a few things we'd have liked to see added or improved, this is a great world radio tool, and we recommend it.

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